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Renewed GMP certificate for MicroMol

Extension of the certificate for amino acid analysis (Ph. Eur.2.2.56) and the absence of bacteriophages

In August 2019, MicroMol has been inspected by the local regulatory GMP authority under the national inspection programme in connection with its activity according to the German Drug Law. After successful completion of the inspection MicroMol has extended its certificate for Ph.Eur. 2.2.56 amino acid analysis as well as for the testing for the absence of bacteriophages (lytic and temperate phages). Regarding this GMP extension MicroMol has strengthened its portfolio in the field of instrumental analytics. Herewith MicroMol supplements the Tentamus group and ist customers with a novel technology, the determination of amino acids / ninhydrine positive substances according to the European Pharmacopoeia. The analysis of cell bank purity with special regard on the determination of bacteriophage contamination has for a long time been one of MicroMol‘s key issues. Now performing this analysis under GMP will level up MicroMol to an international player in the field of bacteriophage analytics.

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